Stick FAST to Your CORE

Stick FAST to your CORE is a way to set boundaries and to be aware of your own True Self. This awareness allows you to make decisions about compromise issues vs. core issues. A core issue is one in which, if you compromised on it, you’d have to give up a bit of who you are. A core issue has […]

Consistency & Happiness

Consistency is nothing more or less than learning the art of being happy. Unfortunately, society has conditioned us to believe that happiness comes from something outside of ourselves: The right house, or the right car, or the right clothes, or the right spouse, or the right job. But what if happiness came from somewhere else? What if we could learn […]

Memories: Making the Pieces Fit

There are many types of memory. Let’s talk about two of them: Implicit Memory and Narrative Memory. Implicit memories are memories about specific events. What did you have for breakfast this morning? What outfit did you wear yesterday? Which people did you talk to today? The answers to these questions are implicit memories. Narrative memories are memories that try to […]