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The Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Organization (MBEO) exists to promote the skills of mindfulness and ecotherapy. We are now offering memberships in the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Organization (MBEO). In 2025 membership in MBEO will be one of the requirements for becoming certified as a Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapist.


Changes to the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Facilitator Certification Program

In order to offer more flexible options for the Mindfulness-Based Facilitator Certification Program, MBEO has made some changes to the path to certification. There are now TWO options that lead to certification.

In the past we’ve only offered the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Facilitator Certification Program as a package; however, there are three courses contained within the program itself.

Program content for the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Facilitator Certification training includes:

  1. Mindfulness for Therapists – 10 online hours
  2. Ecotherapy for Therapists – 10 online hours
  3. Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Program Facilitator Training – 30 online hours
  4. Case Presentation

TOTAL = 50 online hours

We are now offering another option.

You may now also purchase the courses individually and complete them one at a time, instead of purchasing the entire package at once. The complete certification package offers you a substantial savings (over 20%) over buying the courses individually, but you may also purchase the courses listed above separately and complete them one at a time if you prefer this option. If you choose this option, you will need to contact us when you are ready to submit your case presentation.


Although the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Program was created to be facilitated by licensed mental health professionals, in the past we’ve had quite a few coaches who have also taken the course. These coaches are not always licensed mental health professionals. While mental health professionals are highly regulated in most states and in many countries, coaches are usually not.

Due to this lack of regulation and credentialing for most coaches, some states and some organizations have restricted the use of the term “ecotherapy.” Because of this, we are re-naming the current Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy 12-week program. In 2024 the program will become the Ecospirituality Program. Instead of being a 12-week program, the Ecospirituality Program will become an eight-week program based on the 7Cs of family resilience.

Current certified facilitators of Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy will be allowed to take the new Ecospirituality Facilitator Training program for free when it is available should they desire this new training.

We are also expanding and upgrading our Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Certification to a much more intensive program. The new Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Certification will then replace the current designation. This will be a much more in-depth certification process only available to licensed mental health professionals.

The new Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy program will require intensive study, supervision, membership in MBEO, and a case presentation prior to becoming certified. Once certified, licensed mental health professionals will be able to use the designation “MBE” in their credentials, for “Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapist.”

When the first cohort of Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapists graduates in 2025 we will begin a Supervisor Training Program that will educate MBEs in supervision so that future training programs will also have a variety of supervisors to choose from. For a limited time this supervision training will be offered for free to graduates of the new Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Certification Training.

As we move forward with these changes we would love your input!

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NEW Ecospirituality Program in 2024

The current Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Facilitator Certification course will be replaced in 2024 with the Ecospirituality Program, which will expand to include a more spiritual element to the training and to the program.

Somewhere between 90% and 95% of people on Earth practice some sort of spirituality. Obviously, spirituality must be pretty important. Studies tend to back this up. What the studies show is that the type of spirituality doesn’t really matter. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or Pagan, or even agnostic or atheist, practicing some sort of spiritual path yields benefits.

Since the particular type of spirituality is secondary to the benefits gained (in other words, since all spiritual paths lead to a better quality of life for those who practice them properly), what is it about spirituality that allows it to work its magic?

Suppose you could take all the spiritual paths practiced worldwide, put them into a cauldron, and boil them down to their essence. What would remain? I believe that the common thread to all spiritual practices is a feeling of connection. Connection to others, or connection to the divine, or simply connection to nature and to ourselves. In short: Spirituality = Connectedness!

If you think back on the spiritual experiences you’ve had in your lifetime, do recall feeling connected on some level? Many describe spiritual experiences as a sense of ‘oneness.’ Oneness implies connection to something outside ourselves. In this sense, even an agnostic or an atheist could achieve spirituality through connection.

The new Ecospirituality Program scheduled for release in 2024 will incorporate elements of this connectedness!

MBEO Board of Directors


We will be incorporating the MBEO as a separate 502 c 3 nonprofit corporation in Washington State at some time in 2025. At that time, board members will be directors of the nonprofit organization. In the meantime, board members will act in an advisory capacity as we seek to solidify the vision for the new organization.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors for the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Organization (MBEO), you may find an application here.

When we incorporate as a nonprofit, we will be introducing bylaws under the jurisdiction of the state of Washington. You do not have to be a resident of Washington to serve on the board. We are currently in the process of developing the bylaws. Board members will guide this process. We solicit your feedback as we begin this process.

View the proposed bylaws below (subject to revision based on feedback) as well as other documentation pertinent to the upcoming Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Organization nonprofit.

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