Videos by the Mindful Ecotherapy Center


Video created by or sponsored by the Mindful Ecotherapy Center and Elder Grove Media.

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy: About this video
In this video Charlton Hall, Director of the Mindful Ecotherapy Center, gives an overview of the 12-week Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy program.

Tree of Life Meditation: About this video
The Tree of Life meditation is a grounding and centering meditation. If possible, practice this meditation outside under a tree.

A Closer Look: About this video
The Closer Look meditation is a way to practice the mindful skills of observing and describing in a natural environment.

Mindful Acceptance of Discomfort: About this video
A mindful ecotherapy meditation for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Sensory Integration Meditation: About this video
This video meditation helps you to shift from thinking mode to sensing mode by focusing on the information your senses give you about a natural environment.