The Mask of Anger

At this time of year we like to dress up and often wear masks. But there are other kinds of mask that we sometimes wear to hide our emotions. One of these emotional masks is the mask of anger. Anger is almost always a mask for deeper emotions. When we are angry, that anger is usually the result of failed […]

The 7Cs – Compassion

“If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete.” – Jack Kornfield People who have difficulties with emotional aggression are generally people who care deeply about the people in their lives. They have the capacity to be very caring and compassionate people. Their emotional aggression is often the result of attempting to express their compassion in maladaptive ways. If […]

Peer-Reviewers Wanted for New Journal

In 2024 the Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC will begin publishing the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Journal. This journal will be specific to research in the field of Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy. As a part of this process we will be looking for peer reviewers to serve on the publication panel for the journal. If you are a credentialed mental health professional or educator interested […]

FREE Course: Ethics of Ecotherapy

In our ongoing effort to improve the quality of the courses we offer, we will be applying to the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) to be able to provide LIVE continuing education opportunities in addition to our online offerings. As part of this process we are offering this FREE two-hour course on Ethics in Ecotherapy in June of 2023! […]

Being One-Mindful

I love strawberries. I can nibble on them all day long. There have been times when I have been engaged in other activities while eating strawberries. I may be sitting at the computer, typing away, blissfully chewing strawberries. As I munch away, with my attention on the computer and not on the strawberries, I am sometimes surprised and disappointed when […]

Automatic Thinking

Learning to drive an automobile can be an overwhelming task. You have to focus on keeping the vehicle between the lines on the highway while watching for other cars, traffic signals and road signs. In addition to all of this, you must constantly glance at the speedometer to make sure that you are driving at a safe speed. You cannot […]