NOW AVAILABLE: Ecospirituality Workbook!

Click here to purchase The Ecospirituality Workbook is now available at Amazon and at Elder Grove Media! As the human race has become increasingly urbanized, we have come to spend less and less time in natural settings. Many of us now live in cities or suburbs rather than in rural areas. Even so, we still hear the calls of nature. […]

AIM for Happiness

What is your aim in life? Are your beliefs helping you to achieve your aim? Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. We let our beliefs get in the way. Our beliefs are a result of our thoughts and feelings. Our choices are a result of our beliefs. If our choices are leading to consequences that we don’t […]

As I Think, so I Feel

“People feel disturbed not by things, but by the views they take of them.” –Epictetus, 1st Century Philosopher As Epictetus reminds us, as I think, so I feel. Thoughts cause feelings and feelings can cause behaviors if we let them. Events and circumstances serve to trigger thoughts, which then create feelings. Events and circumstances do not cause our feelings. The […]

The Trust Seesaw

If you’ve ever watched children at the playground on a seesaw, you know that it takes two people to play. If one gets off, the other cannot play. The expression, “tottering on the brink,” comes from the older name for a seesaw. It was called a ‘teeter-totter.’ If you’ve ever been left dangling in the air and watching the person […]