Aggressive vs. Assertive Communication

In mindful communication, we learn to communicate in ways that are assertive rather than aggressive. By setting firm boundaries in non-aggressive ways, our interactions with others become assertive without resulting in hurt feelings, arguments, or conflict. If setting boundaries does lead to conflict, learning to be assertive rather than aggressive allows us to find peaceful and productive resolutions to differences […]


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Mindful Communication Skills

To be mindful is to be present in the moment. Mindful listening means being present in the conversation, without assumptions or conclusions, and without trying to anticipate what your partner is going to say, or without ‘reading into’ the conversation (assuming things that weren’t really said). Mindful listening is a practice that involves fully focusing your attention on the speaker […]

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Mindful Communication

Many of the difficulties in relationships occur due to miscommunication. But by learning to be assertive instead of aggressive, we can learn to communicate well in a mindful fashion. Mindful communication means being present in the moment within the conversation, without making assumptions about the meaning or intent behind the other person’s communication. To be mindful is to be present […]

MBEO Board of Directors

The Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC has been providing continuing education in mindfulness and ecotherapy since 2007. During all of that time, students of Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy have continually expressed a desire for an organization that specifically caters to the educational needs of counselors and therapists who practice Mindful Ecotherapy. With these needs in mind, the Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC will be […]

WEBINAR: Gender-Affirming Care Myths vs. Realities

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE Target Audience: Mental Health Professionals Live, Interactive Webinar Continuing Education Hours: 2 (Two) Thursday, March 7, 2024 – 10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PST Gender-Affirming Care Myths vs. Realities Course Description Please note that course time above is Pacific Standard Time. In gender-affirming care, a plethora of myths persist, often fueled by misinformation […]

Externalization: Experiencing the Person, not the Problem

One way to live a life of compassion is to see the person, not the problem. This is done through externalization. If we are able to take the viewpoint that the person is separate from the problem, then we are able to experience the person, and not the problem. Such a perception sees the person as separate from the problem. […]

Membership in the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Organization (MBEO)

CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MEMBER Associate membership in the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Organization is open to anyone with an interest in Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy. Student membership is open to graduate-level students in a mental health professional counseling or therapy program. Professional membership in the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Organization is open to all licensed mental health professionals. Annual membership in the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy […]