Mindful Moments – The Emotional Aggression Cycle

We create our reality based on our assumptions and our perceptions about the world and our place in it. By making assumptions about the world, and using our perceptions, based on those  assumptions,  to  look  for  evidence  to  support  our  beliefs,  we  eventually  create  a  reality  that reflects those assumptions and perceptions.In this episode of … Read more


MINDFULNESS-BASED ECOTHERAPYFACILITATOR CERTIFICATION PROGRAM 50 HOURS OF ONLINE CONTINUING EDUCATION APPROVED BY THE NBCC Regular price $349.99Sale Price $299.99 On sale until December 31, 2022 Target Audience: Mental Health Professionals50 hours of online continuing education approved by theNational Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC)Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC NBCC ACEP # 7022 Our most popular course is … Read more


Dr. Charlton Hall started his Family Therapy career in 2008 by creating and running the Family Therapy Teaching Clinic at the Upstate Family Resources Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina while still in graduate school. He served as the Clinical Services Director, then went on to start several successful Family Therapy private practices. His last job … Read more

Transgender Remembrance Day

Transgender Remembrance Day is November 20, 2022. On this day we honor the memory of those who have lost their lives to anti-transgender violence. Imagine your life was in danger on a daily basis simply for being who you are. Imagine suffering discrimination not only in the workplace, but also in your school, in your … Read more

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Facilitator Manual 2nd Edition

This Second Edition of the Facilitator Manual for the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Program contains the complete text of the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook plus additional material on how to facilitate each session of the program. The Facilitator Manual also includes information on running a successful group, and the stages of group change and group dynamics. This manual is designed … Read more

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook 2nd Edition

This is the second edition of Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook. The original workbook was published in 2015, and the sciences of mindfulness and ecotherapy have advanced a great deal since that time. This second edition was updated to reflect this new research. This edition, like its predecessor, was written to accompany the 12-week Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy workshop series. Some of the … Read more

A New Certification for Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy

The Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC has been providing continuing education in mindfulness and ecotherapy since 2007. During all of that time, students of Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy have continually expressed a desire for an organization that specifically caters to the educational needs of counselors and therapists who practice Mindful Ecotherapy. With these needs in mind, the Mindful … Read more

Terms and Conditions

THESE TERMS These terms and conditions govern the way in which we supply products to you, including any courses created by the Mindful Ecotherapy Center, its partners, or its representatives. Please read these terms carefully before you submit your order to us. These terms tell you who we are, how we will provide products to … Read more

New and Improved Courses Coming in 2019!

Starting in early 2019 we will be adding functionality to our online course modules. This new functionality will allow certificates of completion to be automatically generated when you complete a course. Certificates will be available from each course page as courses are completed. The new courseware will offer a multitude of interactive formats, including video … Read more

MBE Program Coming this Spring

Click here for an overview of the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy(MBE) Program I’m pleased to announce that I have partnered with the Stress Management Center at the Fernview Center for Wellbeing in Anderson, South Carolina to present the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy program. This 12-week program will begin in the spring of 2019. I will also be offering therapy … Read more

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