Are you a licensed mental health professional? You could earn extra income by developing courses for the Mindful Ecotherapy Center!

Instructors are paid 60% of the net revenue generated for every course sold. If your course is accepted, then very time your course is sold, 60% of the net revenue is automatically mailed to your Paypal account.


Use the contact form below to submit a course proposal to the Mindful Ecotherapy Center. We look for courses directly related to mindfulness and ecotherapy, but will consider other topics. Use the guidelines below when submitting a course proposal.

  1. You must own the rights to any course materials submitted. If you have submitted the course to other agencies or organizations in the past, you must demonstrate that you own the rights to any materials submitted to the Mindful Ecotherapy Center.
  2. The course must have a set of clearly defined learning objectives. A good rule of thumb is one to three learning objectives for every hour of course material.
  3. You may submit course materials in written, audio or video format.
  4. If written format, you must submit 15 pages of material for every hour of continuing education credit. A ‘page’ is considered to be about 500 words. So for a two-hour continuing education course you would need to submit about 1000 words. For a three-hour course you’d need to submit about 1500 words, etc. You must own the rights to any written materials submitted, and references must be properly cited in APA format.
  5. If submitting audio or video materials, there should be one hour of video or audio for every hour of continuing education. So a one-hour course should have one hour of audio or video.
  6. If submitting video with patients or other participants besides the instructor, a written release must be obtained from other participants saying you have their permission to video them. If you wish to use this method in your course materials, a video release form will be emailed to you upon request.
  7. There must be some method of evaluation; i.e., a post-test or quiz. The quiz is used to demonstrate that the student has achieved the learning objectives defined for the course, so the questions on the quiz should be linked to the learning objectives defined for the course.
  8. There should be a minimum of three citations for each course. This means that the course must be evidence-based, relying on studies that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals.
  9. If your course proposal is accepted by the Mindful Ecotherapy Center, you will be asked to sign a contract guaranteeing a 60/40 fee split. This means that you receive 60% of net revenue generated from the sale of your course after taxes, transaction fees (e.g., Paypal fees), and any other deductions.
  10. Course fees are determined by the Mindful Ecotherapy Center. You will be informed of the fee established for your course if your proposal is accepted.