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Ecoplay: Coming soon!

In the near future I will be offering FREE Ecoplay seminars as part of the requirements to complete my doctoral dissertation. Ecoplay is an online training program to help parents and children reconnect to the healing power of nature!

What is Ecoplay?

Ecoplay is an eight-session online program that will be available online for free in the near future. Each session is designed to give parents and their children the opportunity for experiential activities outdoors that combine mindfulness, ecopsychology and the skills of play therapy. In Ecoplay, the parent becomes the ‘therapist,’ guiding your child to reconnect to nature in healing ways.

How does Ecoplay Training Work?

In the near future all eight modules of the Ecoplay training will be posted online. Ecoplay is a program I created as partial fulfillment of my doctoral dissertation requirements. Participants will be asked to sign a consent form giving me permission to use their experiences as data for my dissertation. Participants are free to withdraw at any time, and are under no obligation to complete the program.

Once you are enrolled in the program you would be given a pre-evaluation to complete. Upon completion of the pre-evaluation, you are free to complete the eight modules/sessions at home at your own pace. Upon completion of all eight sessions, you will be asked to complete a post-evaluation.

How Can Ecoplay Help My Child?

Ecoplay is about reconnecting to nature, and reconnecting to your children. It is a relationship-based program that utilizes the skills of mindfulness and the power of nature to facilitate change.

A large and growing body of research has demonstrated nature’s power to heal and facilitate growth. Ecoplay allows you to tap into this power to build resiliency and well-being in your family and in your relationships to your children and to nature.

To be informed when Ecoplay is available online, please complete the contact form below!