2022 Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention

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Target Audience: Mental Health Professionals

Online Continuing Education Hours: 2.75

Approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) ACEP #7022

Suicide is an epidemic in the United States. In this course we will discuss recent suicide statistics, demographic data and its impact on suicide assessment and prevention, and how to use this information when conducting a suicide risk assessment.

We will also discuss some common myths concerning suicide and suicide prevention, learn how to conduct a basic suicide risk assessment, and prepare a No Harm Action Plan.

Finally we will discuss and describe some de-escalation strategies and discuss how to do a preventative Safety Plan.


  • Discuss some recent suicide statistics and their impact on assessment
  • Discuss current demographics in suicide risk assessment
  • Identify several key risk factors in suicide risk assessment
  • Discuss and debunk some common myths about suicide
  • Conduct a basic Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Describe some de-escalation strategies
  • Conduct basic Safety Planning for suicide prevention
  • Discuss and describe some ecotherapy interventions for treating suicidal ideations
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