Ecotherapy: An Introduction


Ecopsychology is the study of how the natural world impacts our mental wellbeing. Ecotherapy is the therapeutic application of this knowledge. This 10-hour online and experiential course will introduce you to some of the basic skills, techniques and research in the field of ecotherapy.

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After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss and describe the concept of Ecopsychology
  • Discuss and describe the concept of Ecotherapy
  • Differentiate between Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy
  • Discuss some of the characteristics of the Green Care model
  • Describe a rationale for the use of ecotherapy in therapeutic settings
  • Discuss the history of ecotherapy
  • Discuss the roots of ecotherapy in indigenous shamanism
  • Discuss Nature Deficit Disorder as proposed in the book, Last Child in the Woods by Louv
  • Describe and discuss some types of ecotherapy interventions
  • Describe some of the research into Nature as Nurture
  • Discuss some research in Nature and Child Development
  • Discuss the Eco-Educative Model of Ecotherapy proposed by Pedretti-Burls (2007)
  • Discuss how ecotherapy facilitates mindful states
  • Discuss some health benefits of ecotherapy
  • Discuss ecotherapy for treating addiction
  • Discuss ecotherapy for treating trauma
  • Describe and discuss some ethical issues of ecotherapy
  • Name some colleges that offer ecotherapy programs
  • Discuss some future directions for ecotherapy