Peer-Reviewers Wanted for New Journal

In 2024 the Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC will begin publishing the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Journal. This journal will be specific to research in the field of Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy. As a part of this process we will be looking for peer reviewers to serve on the publication panel for the journal. If you are a credentialed mental health professional or educator interested […]

New Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Certification

The Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC has been providing continuing education in mindfulness and ecotherapy since 2007. During all of that time, students of Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy have continually expressed a desire for an organization that specifically caters to the educational needs of counselors and therapists who practice Mindful Ecotherapy. With these needs in mind, the Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC will be […]

Problem-focused and Solution-focused Memes

The idea behind using Meme Triads is to move from a problem-focused paradigm to a solution-focused paradigm. One of the goals of using Meme Triads is to begin to think in terms of solutions instead of in terms of problems. When we start thinking in terms of solutions, we begin to live with intention. The power of intention is one […]

Meme Triads

Contrary to popular belief, a ‘meme’ is not an internet picture with words on it. A meme is just a belief that has been passed from one person to another. We get most of our core memes from our families of origin. If your memes (inherited beliefs) are leading to consequences you want, then nothing needs to be changed. If, […]

Memes are A Category of Belief

Sometimes our beliefs lead us to consequences we don’t want to experience. The way to change those beliefs is to dispute the beliefs you have that are leading you to consequences you don’t want to experience. When you’ve experienced a negative consequence in your life, examine and challenge the beliefs you hold that led you to act in such a […]

Setting Good Boundaries

The way to deal with conflict in positive ways is to realize that you are not responsible for anyone’s feelings but your own. If you avoid conflict out of a fear of upsetting others, first ask yourself why you think they would be upset. Worrying about the emotional reactions others might have in a given situation is usually a sign […]

Emotional Regulation

Successful mood management comes from successful emotional regulation. Emotional regulation means recognizing patterns of emotional aggression and stopping the cycle of emotional aggression before it starts. This means becoming aware of and attuned to your own cycles of emotions. Before you can become attuned to your own cycles of emotional behavior, you must first be able to identify your emotions. […]

FREE COURSE: Sandtray Eco-Art Therapy

Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 9 a.m. Pacific Daylight Savings Time Target Audience: Mental Health Professionals LIVE Continuing Education Hours: 3 (Three) NBCC Approval: No (see explanation below) THIS IS A LIVE COURSE THAT WILL BE HELD IN TACOMA, WASHINGTON Course Description Sandtray therapy has been used with both adults and children to great success. This course takes a Jungian […]

Mindfulness – The River

As we’ve discussed often, mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment, with intention. There are six skills involved in mindfulness. These are: Would these skills help you to recognize that your emotional states are simply processes of the mind? Would these skills help you to identify any addictive processes that lead to emotional aggression on your part? It may […]

NEW COURSE: Ethics of Ecotherapy

Target Audience: Mental Health Professionals ONLINE Continuing Education Hours: 2 (Two) NBCC Approval: Yes CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THIS COURSE! ON SALE UNTIL JUNE 30, 2023! Course Description Ecotherapy usually includes doing therapy outdoors. Therapy in non-traditional settings presents unique ethical challenges. These ethical issues are usually not covered in therapy graduate school programs. In this course we will discuss […]