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The courses currently on sale are:

Mindfulness for Therapists

Ecotherapy for Therapists

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy in Clinical Practice

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Program Facilitator Certification Package

Benefits of Our On-Sale Courses

Welcome to the transformative journey of our Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Facilitator Certification Course, where tranquility meets technology, and well-being intertwines with nature!

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy is a revolutionary approach that combines the ancient wisdom of mindfulness with the healing power of nature. The Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Program is a 12-week program that meets once per week.
This program is designed to help your clients reconnect with the environment, find inner peace, and foster a sustainable sense of well-being. It’s not just a course; it’s a pathway to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

The Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Certified Facilitator Package teaches mental health professionals to facilitate the 12-week group program.

In this package you will learn:

Mindfulness Practices: Learn powerful mindfulness techniques that will guide you through the journey of self-discovery, fostering a sense of calm and clarity in your daily life.

Nature Immersion: Immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of nature through guided exercises, nature walks, and immersive experiences.

Ecotherapy Insights: Understand the profound impact nature has on mental health and well-being, and discover how ecotherapy can be a transformative tool for personal growth.

Self-Reflection Exercises: Engage in introspective exercises to deepen your self-awareness, identify personal values, and align your life with a more sustainable and mindful approach. For mental health professionals, these courses will also help you teach your clients to do the same.

Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive online community through our Forums section, fostering a sense of belonging and shared growth.

Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy

Reduced Stress: Develop tools to manage stress and anxiety through mindfulness practices and nature immersion.
Enhanced Well-being: Experience a positive shift in your mental and emotional well-being by incorporating ecotherapy into your daily routine.
Improved Focus: Sharpen your focus and concentration through mindfulness, leading to increased productivity and a clearer mind.
Environmental Consciousness: Develop a deeper appreciation for the environment and cultivate a sustainable lifestyle that benefits both you and the planet.

Why Choose Our Courses?

Expert Guidance: Our courses are developed by experienced mindfulness and ecotherapy experts, providing you with the best guidance for your transformative journey.
Flexibility: Access the course from anywhere at any time, allowing you to progress at your own pace and integrate mindfulness into your busy schedule. You have up to one year to complete each course once begun!

Embark on Your Journey Today!

Join our Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Course and discover the profound joy of reconnecting with yourself and nature. Unearth the path to a more balanced, mindful, and eco-conscious life.

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