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    Charlton Hall

    The Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC is exploring the possibility of offering a new two-year certification in Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy. This forum is to discuss the topic.

    Carin Kirikos

    Hi Charlton, I am much interested in participating next year. (I’ve already spent my CEU budget!) Has there been any progress on making continuing ed credits for social workers? I know that the Center for Nature Informed Therapy here in Baltimore offers CEUs for social workers, so there’s definitely some movement with the social work boards.

    Charlton Hall

    We’re accredited with the National Board for Certified Counselors, ACEP #7022. If your state accepts NBCC certification for social workers, then you’re covered. Accreditation specifically with NASW is too costly at present to make it worthwhile to pursue, especially since many SW boards accept NBCC credits. Because of this we have no future plans to specifically pursue NASW accreditation.


    I think it is a great idea and I am very interested. I am also a social worker and I think that NASW may accept some credits from NBCC.
    Will you be working with us on how to get clients etc. when we are finished? I am in Plymouth, MA so I would need some marketing ideas to get the clients interested, I think.
    Also, I read something about having supervisors to get the certification. Can we get training after we get certified to become a supervisor?
    I am in the process of doing something similar with my EMDR certified practitioner training so that I can also supervise the additional hours clinicians need to become certified.
    At any rate, I am very interested. Any idea of a ball park of how much this might cost?

    Thanks, Carol Soldevilla, LICSW

    Charlton Hall

    Regarding marketing and getting clients, we have a separate course called ‘Starting an Ecotherapy Practice’ that has a whole section on marketing. We also have the Directory that offers free listings to certified facilitators.
    Just created a “Marketing” topic on this forum as well so that facilitators and other mindful ecotherapy practitioners can give advice to each other. There’s also a free brochure you can download from this website and add your logo to.
    As to the training to become a MBE Supervisor, we’re currently working on that program, but it probably won’t be ready until at least 2025. What I do know at this point is that anyone wishing to be a supervisor would at a minimum need to have MBE certification under the new program, which is due to be released sometime in 2024, probably in the fall or winter of that year.
    The MBE Supervision program would be totally separate from any other supervision credential, meaning that being a MSW, LPC, AAMFT supervisor etc. would have no bearing on being qualified as a MBE supervisor.
    No idea on the cost of the entire new certification program as yet. I just know that it will be a multi-stage process with several continuing education course requirements. Since all the continuing education wouldn’t necessarily have to come from the Mindful Ecotherapy Center, LLC, the cost may vary as long as the basic educational requirements are met.
    As for the cost of supervision in the program (supervision hours will be a requirement for the new program), that cost will be up to the supervisors.
    One thing we’re discussing at the moment is the possibility of offering some sort of discount or even possibly scholarships/internships when the supervisor program is completed so that we’ll have a pool of supervisors to draw on for future students in the program. If we decide to do that we’ll announce it on this forum and in the newsletter.
    If you’d be interested in an internship or scholarship as a MBE Supervisor, you may want to subscribe to the newsletter if you haven’t already.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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