Coaching vs. Counseling/Therapy

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Target audience: The general public, life coaches

Online continuing education hours: 2

NOTE: This course is for life coaches and the general public, and does not meet the educational requirements for mental health professionals. NBCC credit for continuing education is not available for this course.

While therapy and counseling require years of study and practice prior to obtaining a license, coaching is widely unregulated and requires little or no training. While most of the programs created by the Mindful Ecotherapy Center are designed for mental health professionals, some are designed as coaching programs. This two-hour course helps to explain the difference between coaching and therapy. This course can help you to avoid liability if you are not a licensed mental health professional by helping you to understand where the line is between coaching and therapy.

If you have enrolled in the Ecospirituality: The Way of the Coyote course, this Coaching vs. Therapy course is included in the package, so there is no need to register for is separately. For all others, this course helps you to understand the difference between coaching and therapy based on evidence-based citations.

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This course was developed by Charlton Hall, MMFT, CHt. for life coaches and the general public. Course content is not applicable for mental health professionals, and continuing education credit for mental health professionals is therefore not available for this course.
No warranty is expressed or implied as to suitability for continuing education credit for other professions, organizations or credentials.

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