ADHD Differential Diagnosis

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Target Audience: Mental Health Professionals

Online Continuing Education Hours: 1.25

Approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) ACEP #7022

The rate of ADHD diagnosis in the United States is over twice that of other developed nations. In this course we will examine some possible reasons for this, including misdiagnosis of ADHD and over-diagnosis of ADHD. We will discuss some common diagnoses often mistaken for ADHD and how to do differential diagnosis.

This course covers the following:

  • The ADHD epidemic
  • Co-morbidity: ADHD and other diagnoses
  • Is ADHD over-diagnosed?
  • Psychological Aspects: Could it be another disorder with symptoms similar to ADHD?
  • General Medical Conditions: Could the symptoms be better accounted for by a medical condition?
  • Environmental Factors: Are the symptoms the result of the patient’s environment? Are the symptoms present globally or specifically?
  • Comorbidity: Are there other things going on in addition to ADHD?
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