Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy in Clinical Practice – $149.95

This self-guided online course is good for 25 hours of online continuing education in Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy (MBE) is a blending of Mindfulness and Ecopsychology. MBE uses nature to facilitate mindful awareness. MBE is used as  framework for helping individuals and families to find deeper connections in their own lives, and to give more meaning and enjoyment to the activities of daily living.

This introductory course for Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy follows the format of the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook by Charlton Hall, LMFT/S, RPT-S. This workbook is used for workshops in MBE. During this self-guided online course you will work through the exercises in the workbook on your own.


Charlton Hall, LMFT/S, RPT-S is a board-approved sponsor of continuing education in South Carolina, permanent sponsor #495. This course is approved for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Professional Counselors in South Carolina. The course materials are evidence-based with clearly defined objectives; however it is your responsibility to check with your local licensure board for course approval for credit prior to enrolling in this course. No warranty is expressed or implied. A list of citations and references is provided in the course materials for your records.

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    Define and describe current research in ecopsychology and nature-based therapeutic interventions
  • Define “mindfulness”
  • Define “ecotherapy”
  • Define and describe “mindful acceptance”
  • Define and describe “radical acceptance”
  • Define and describe “Wise Mind”
  • Define and describe “Wise Body”
  • Define and describe “Letting Go”
  • Define and describe the relationship between letting go and radical acceptance
  • Differentiate between Doing Mode and Being Mode
  • Define and describe the process of centering
  • Define and describe the process of grounding
  • Define and describe the process of connecting
  • Define and describe Nature as Metaphor
  • Define and describe Nature as Teacher
  • Define and describe Nature as Nurture
  • Define and describe Nature as Healer
  • Define and describe ‘True Self”
  • Define and describe Living in True Self
  • Be able to conduct several MBE meditations

This is a self-directed online course that follows the format of the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook by Charlton Hall, LMFT/S, RPT-S. The program is 12 sessions. Each session requires approximately one hour of reading time and one hour of experiential exercises for each session. You will need to purchase the workbook in order to take the course. It is available in both paperback and digital format at most major media outlets by clicking on the link above.

The live program was designed to be completed in 12 weeks, with one workbook session per week; however for this self-guided course you may complete the work at your own pace. It is not recommended that you do more than one session per day. Allow yourself at least 24 hours to absorb and implement each session’s materials before going on to the next session.

Coursework is graded and evaluated by completing the worksheets for each session/chapter. In order to participate in this course you will need to be able to print out and complete each worksheet, then scan each worksheet to pdf format. These completed worksheets will be emailed to the instructor for grading. You will also need a digital camera to take photographs of some of the exercises and projects in the workbook. These photos will also be emailed to the instructor.

There is also an optional course bulletin board. You may create an account here if you wish to get feedback and to have your questions answered by the instructor and/or other students.

This 25-hour continuing education course is part of the requirements for certification in Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy. Certified Facilitators of the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy program are given a free directory listing and free online support when implementing their own MBE programs.

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When you purchase this course, you will be taken to a download link that will allow you to download the course materials. You may wish to bookmark this page so you may return to it as needed. This page contains the worksheets you will need to complete and return in order to get credit for the course. In order to get credit you will have to complete the entire workbook. No partial credit is available.

When you have completed and returned all of the worksheets in the book, and sent photographs of your completed projects and exercises, you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion in pdf format.

A copy of the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook in pdf format is included with your course purchase.

Purchase the course by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button above.
STEP 2: Upon completion of your Paypal transaction you will be taken to a download page that allows you to download the workbook in pdf format that you will need to complete to get credit for the course. Complete the worksheets for each activity in the book then scan them in and return them to chuck@mindfulecotherapy.com to obtain course credit. Read through the workbook and do the experiential exercises described in each session, then complete the worksheets.
STEP 3: There are also several art projects that you will need to complete in order to get credit for the class (for example, the mask you will create during the Faces and Masks exercise). You will need to have a digital camera capable of taking photographs in jpg format for this portion of the course. Take pictures of each completed art project and send those photos along with your worksheets.
STEP 4: You may send in the worksheets as they are completed, or you may send them all together in one package. You may also send them as email or fax them to 888-525-5318 attn: Charlton Hall
STEP 6: Upon successful completion of all the activities in the workbook and submission of all worksheets and project photos, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion good for 25 online credit hours of continuing education in Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy. This certificate will be emailed to you when all worksheets have been satisfactorily completed.
OPTIONAL: Register and create a free online account on our Mindful Ecotherapy Center Bulletin Board for free online support from the instructor and fellow students.

If you have any questions about this course, the materials, or how to complete the course materials, please feel free to contact me.

While these supplemental materials are not a requirement to complete the course, many students have found them useful. These recordings are based on the meditations contained in the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook and are accompanied by gentle flute music and nature sounds. The entire series contains over 90 minutes of guided meditations in Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy.

Click on a link below to hear a sample.

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Meditations mp3 format

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Meditations Part I CD format

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Meditations Part II CD format

Healing with Nature in Mind