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These meditation recordings introduce you to the world of mindful meditation. Guided by Charlton Hall, MMFT, LMFT/S, RPT-S, CHt  and accompanied by sounds of nature and gentle flute and/or guitar music, these recordings will help you to facilitate a daily mindful meditation practice.

Free Mindful Meditation Recordings

The recordings below are free for your own personal use. To download, right-click and select “Save As.” You may use them for your own personal meditative practice. Please do not re-distribute without permission from Charlton Hall.

Basic Mindful Meditation

Mindful Body Scan Meditation

How to do a basic Mindful Breathing exercise

The Mindful Breathing Exercise may be used any time you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, stressed out, or depressed. It is three simple steps, outlined below. You don’t have to do it for any set length of time. You just do it for as long as is necessary.


Focus on your breathing. Place one hand on your chest, and another over your navel. When breathing in and out, the hand over your navel should move up and down, while the hand over your chest should not move. Make the exhalation longer than the inhalation, and breathe deeply into your abdomen, from the diaphragm. Feel all the sensations of your breath as it enters and leaves your body. Can you feel each individual muscle in your abdomen as you breathe in and out? Can you feel your nostrils flare with each breath? Can you sense the air being warmed by your body as you breathe?


Leave Doing Mode and enter Being Mode. In Being Mode, you are not trying to go anywhere or do anything. You are simply ‘being.’ Note that if you engage in Mindful Breathing with the goal of ‘trying to relax’ or ‘trying to calm down,’ that ‘trying’ is ‘doing,’ and you are not doing. Your goal is to ‘be,’ not to ‘do.’


Leave Thinking Mode and enter Sensing Mode. This doesn’t mean that you’re ‘trying’ to stop thinking. Remember, ‘trying’ is ‘doing!’ You’re just refocusing your attention and concentration from your thinking to your senses. You are paying attention to what your senses are telling you. What are you seeing right now? What do you hear? Are there any scents where you are? Tastes? How does your body interact with this environment?

That’s it! Just use these three simple steps whenever you need a break from thinking or feeling or when your emotions overwhelm you. If it seems difficult to do at first, that’s okay. It’s a skill like any other. It becomes easier with practice. If it were easy the first time, you’d already be doing it!

Beginning Mindfulness

1 Acceptance Meditation 6:45

2 Basic Meditation 6:55

3 Insomnia 13:06

4 Mindful Body Scan 18:24

5 Mindful Walking 10:30

6 Sacred Space 12:33

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the moment in which you find yourself by focusing on your immediate experience, rather than on ruminations that may be producing stress depression, or anxiety. The benefits of mindfulness as a tool for stress reduction and self-improvement have been thoroughly researched. Mindfulness works so well in this capacity that it has been referred to as the “penicillin of mental health.”

These basic mindful meditations by Charlton Hall will help you to start out on the path of mindful awareness.

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Meditations

These recordings accompany the Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy Workbook, helping to facilitate mindful states of being using the healing power of nature.

1 Mindful Acceptance of Discomfort 8:20

2 Tree of Life Meditation 10:55

3 Sensory Integration Meditation 12:47

4 Coyote Walk Meditation 7:41

5 Root Meme Meditation 11:58

6 A Closer Look 12:19

7 My Own Animal Legend Meditation 30:34

8 Animal Totem Meditation 16:27

9 Fairy Godmother Meditation 9:09

The Rainbow Warrior

Music by Sencha (Charlton Hall) featuring Native American Flute and the sounds of nature. Excellent for meditation and contemplation.
Name Artist Time Price

The Good Red Road Sencha 5:49 $0.99 View in iTunes

Cedar Mountain Sunset Sencha 8:19 $0.99 View in iTunes

The Golden Dawn Sencha 5:35 $0.99 View in iTunes

Green River Sencha 3:59 $0.99 View in iTunes

Blue Sky Sencha 4:12 $0.99 View in iTunes

Indigo Child Sencha 5:37 $0.99 View in iTunes

Morning Glory Sencha 4:58 $0.99 View in iTunes

The Black Storm Sencha 7:36 $0.99 View in iTunes

Branwen Sencha 9:08 $0.99 View in iTunes

Mist on the Mountain

Meditative music by Sencha (Charlton Hall) featuring Native American Flute, guitar, and the sounds of nature.

Name Artist Time Price

Ash Grove Sencha  4:51 $0.99 View in iTunes

Autumn Mists Sencha  4:37 $0.99 View in iTunes

The Swamp Rabbit Sencha  3:11 $0.99 View in iTunes

Spirit of the Wolf Sencha  5:36 $0.99 View in iTunes

Yellow Branch Sencha  4:12 $0.99 View in iTunes

Dragon Ridge Sencha  4:00 $0.99 View in iTunes

Firefly Forest Sencha  2:54 $0.99 View in iTunes

Stars and Cedars Sencha  2:11 $0.99 View in iTunes

The Raven At Midnight Sencha  4:13 $0.99 View in iTunes

The Owl in Winter Sencha  5:33 $0.99 View in iTunes

Forest Echoes

by Sencha (Charlton Hall)

Name Artist Time Price

The Bell Branch Sencha 10:21 Album Only View in iTunes

The Forest Sencha 17:54 Album Only View in iTunes

The Tree of Life Sencha 10:50 Album Only View in iTunes

The World Tree Sencha 5:07 $0.99 View in iTunes

The Tree At the Center Sencha 10:45 Album Only View in iTunes

Healing with Nature in Mind