About Play Therapy at the Mindful Ecotherapy Center

About Play Therapy
Nondirective, child-centered play therapy is a counseling and therapy method used to help children communicate their thoughts and feelings through the use of toys and play. Children may not have the complex vocabulary needed to discuss deeper emotional issues. Play is a child’s natural language, and child-centered play therapy allows children to express themselves and their feelings in the way they know best…through play.
As children participate in play, they engage in their own natural tendencies towards wellness by acting out their thoughts and feelings in the play room. In a play therapy setting the therapist or parent facilitates the play experience by allowing the child to lead the play while setting limits on any inappropriate behaviors. Through play children learn self-control and positive decision making.

About Filial Therapy
Filial therapy is a special type of play therapy in which parents are taught to be their child’s own “play therapist.” In this form of therapy, parents are directly involved in the play, acting as facilitators and learning the tools and techniques of play therapy so they may do it at home with their children.

About Ecoplay
Ecoplay is a special type of play therapy developed by Charlton Hall and the Mindful Ecotherapy Center. Ecoplay draws on the 7Cs of Mindfulness-Based Play Therapy. The 7Cs are Compassion, Communication, Control, Choices, Consequences, Consistency and Confidence. Ecoplay is also a nature-based form of therapy, using outdoor experiences whenever possible to facilitate play therapy, or incorporating materials like wood, feathers, sand, seashells, leaves and other natural objects. Ecoplay re-introduces children to the outdoors while facilitating bonding between parent and child in a healing and healthful environment.

Play Therapy Trifold Brochure 

Now Accepting Healthy Connections Medicaid

Charlton Hall and the Mindful Ecotherapy Center are now accepting Healthy Connections Medicaid!

Charlton Hall specializes in trauma treatment in adults using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Sand Tray Expressive Arts Therapy (SEAT( and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children using Child-Parent Relationship Training (CPRT) and Ecoplay.

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